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Wim van der Meij

Thanks Sid, for these moving pictures of children in front of the blackboard. They remember me of being unsure at school many years ago.


Love these pictures.
Don't know who mrs Davies is, but she seems very wise to me.

Ashish Sidapara

Nice set again, the 3rd and 4th are my fav.


That boy pointing upward is so cute!! Love your images!


Now you are starting to show off :)

Will only keep saying, for your style, best seen in monochrome or B&W.



0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 ... Nice jobbbbb!
i love it
super pictures!


Nice photos. I love the childrens.

Al Bjørnstad

The photos are marvelous.

The next generation will judge what we have done on our time.


i know the kids love you coming in for photos. how sweet :o) love the child telling us he's #1. yes he is! :o)

navin harish

All the images you have posted here are brilliant. Have you ever thought about selling these. These can be used by news agencies, book publishers etc should they wish to do something on education.


sympa la série quand on connait les difficultés d'être enseignant aux Philippines


Wonderful photos. I esp. like the picture of the boy with his finger pointed upward. It looks as if he has been elightened with the answer to the teacher's question. I also like the photo of the children praying. I remember praying in class before and after every subject.


I really like these school images. They are very useful for a lot of NGOs out there and would help in making aware of the state of education in our country.


sidney, your talent and your eye for compassion is extraordinary. i am so appreciative of the work that you do here. it is of great importance.


These are all great shots! i love the b&w theme. And ofcourse the story behind the pictures just makes your readers/viewers think.

Toxic Lens

Umm... Is it just me, or is there a space missing between 3 and 7 in that first photo?


i like the quote.

and i like the picture of the child pointing upwards :)


Hello Sidney,

I have been going through your archives month by month reading the articles posted one by one.

I'm hooked ! Great photographs! your whole site will make a very interesting book indeed.


nice series...i like the quote u put on each posts. they have great favorite is this one go wt the photos and kinda touchy:-))


The series on the schools has been really, I think, the best you've done, at least that I've seen. Not only are the photos fantastic, it's just such a profoundly important message. I must say I applaud you for these.


I love the quotation you've put ... and the kid with raised hand, who knows the answer - that photo is awesome.


Tena koe ehoa
"If not for children the future is, what is tomorrow?"
These are great photographs Sidney so much innocence and childness in all their expressions.


You've capture fine expressions of the children...

Gérard Méry

Le gamin qui lève le doigt est trop mignon, quelle superbe portrait.


Your recent series have been both inspiring and heartbreaking, Sidney. Today's made me think, for some reason, about the teachers in these classrooms and how heroic they truly are.

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